Scale Cast Iron

Maker > Unknown

  • Antique Balance Scale French Cast Iron Force 5 Kilo G Balance De Menage
  • Antique Farmhouse Cast Iron & 2 Brass Pans 5 Kg Balance Scale
  • Two (2) Antique Balance Scales French Cast Iron With Brass Pans And Weights
  • Vintage English Dark Green Cast Iron Balace Scale With Weights
  • Antique Estate Metal Hanging Lamp Cast Iron Frame
  • Vintage Antique Beam Balance Cast Iron Scale Pharmacy Medical Rare
  • Vintage 1800s 7x9 In Cast Iron Farm Feed Scale
  • Antique Vintage Black Cast Iron #6021 Platform Balance Scale #2377dr
  • 19th C American Antique Brass & Pntd Cast Iron Counter Balance Mercantile Scale
  • Antique Cast Iron Balance Scales 5k With Duck Bill Gauges
  • Antique Cast Iron & Brass Fishtail Post Office Scale 19th Century
  • Vintage Red Cast Iron Scale Withweights 13.75
  • Antique Vintage Cast Iron Shop Balance Weight Scale Witho Pans Home Decor 5kg